Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Golf Battle 3D Review For Android.

If your a fan of Homerun Battle 3D then you will love this game, physics work exactly the same, you have to touch the screen to start your backswing then touch again when you think you will hit the ball, timing is everything!!!!! you also have to use the accelerometer when the ball is in flight if you have been instructed to place ball left/right of the fairway or just to avoid any hazards, you gain extra time if you hit monster shots (long distances) allowing you to achieve higher scores or beat online competitors. The aim of the game is obviously to be the best online player and unlock all achievements and items, you can also do this in the arcade mode, you unlock achievements and get high scores to gain gold coins for spending on the in game items ranging from clown outfits to axe golf clubs. There are four courses available at the moment but you only ever play from one green on each course as this isn't a golf sim. Golf Battle 3D is an excellent pick up and play multiplayer game with lots of acheivements and unlocks, it is very much a beta at the moment as it is only two days old and only available on android and sometimes the multiplayer is a bit hit and miss wether it will find someone for you to play but as they are bringing this game to most mobile platforms i think this will be a temporary problem, don't worry though, the arcade mode will keep you happy for the moment which is great fun and runs perfectly well.
3/5 May improve with updates.

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