Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rapture Raptor From DIAF Games Video Gameplay FREE!!!

Check out this video from Rapture Raptor, a game from DIAF games. Really simple game design, art and gameplay but fun!!!!. You play a raptor during a meteor shower (end of the world) you simply have to eat the "Heathens" whilst avoiding meteors. To do this, you can move left, right and shake device to throw the heathens into the air, you then position yourself under them to eat them, you get power ups too, like "father time" mode which slows the heathens down to enable you to eat more of them. Pick up and play and FREE!!!
Download HERE 

Power Snooker From My Interactive Gameplay Video Android

Check out this video i made showing gameplay from Power Snooker HD

made by My Interactive. Snooker can be slow and dull to play, especially in a "pick up and play" world, that's where Power Snooker comes in, it's not about how many frames you win, it's about scoring the most points in one game, i'm not to sure of all the rules but there is a rules section in the game. The basics are the same as normal snooker, if you pot a red ball you can then go for a colour and all the points you get on your turn go to your total. There are no frames, only one game of 30 minutes, you only have 20 seconds per shot. Check out the video and then download HERE for £2.99

Friday, 18 March 2011

Herocraft Release Battle Boats 3D On Android Market!!! Video.

Here is the first look at gameplay from Herocraft's new game, Battle Boats 3D is a post-apocalyptic game where the world has all but sunk, there are three factions fighting for the remaining land and you have to choose who you will battle with. In the campaign mode you have to duel with other factions using rockets from distance or your gunner up close, with every battle you win you can upgrade your boat and/or weapons. Controls are simple, tilt forward to move forward, tilt back............. and tilt left and right to steer. The game runs fine, you even have an option to change the quality of the graphics, i did struggle with the speed you can get up to, i know it's not a racer but full tilt forward and still you only drift, this can and will be fixed with an update i think.
Tested Galaxy Tab 3/5

Get game HERE

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Guerrilla Bob Now On Android Video!!!!

Angry mob games have just released their  "Guerrilla Bob" game onto the Android market, check out the video. Guerrilla Bob is a fast paced shooter with a storyline of revenge, it has a full single player campaign with new weapons to unlock and items to find, also there is a cross platform multiplayer. The game runs super smooth on the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S as i tested both, addictive to play, a must to download!!!!
Tested galaxy tab 5/5 Download

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fat Panda From Artix Entetainment LLC Video & Review

Artix Entertainment have just released Fat Panda onto the android marketplace, this is a very basic but very entertaining game, all you have to do is feed the panda with food thrown in from both sides of the screen, you have to fatten him up until he explodes, you get 8 levels and 20 achievements. The panda's animation from skinny to fat is excellent and a good combination of burping and farting make for a funny pick up and play game, try this game, it will at least make you laugh!!!!
Tested Galaxy Tab 4/5

Turbo Grannies From Imperial Game Studio Gameplay Video

Imperial Games have just released Turbo Grannies onto the android market, it's only £0.62p and HD graphics, you have three different areas with which to take granny round, as you can see from the video, it plays a lot like MX Mayhem, you have to get from one side of the map to another, touch left to brake, right to accelerate and tilt to keep granny level or show off with a few tricks. Gameplay is not as polished as MX but it's worth getting, other modes to come.
Tested Galaxy Tab 3/5.

Amazon App Store Now Open!!!

Head over to the new amazon app store, let me know what you think.
Amazon App Store
UPDATE. It seems to have been taken down :(

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Angry Birds Seasons Update Now available!!!

You can now update your angry birds seasons to get the st patricks day levels, enjoy.

Wild West Sheriff For Android, Simple Games Are Fun!!!

I downloaded  a very basic looking game today on the Android market, didn't think it would be any good, how wrong was i!!!, so much fun!!!!, all you have to do is use your accelerometer to move a target around the screen and protect the innocent villagers from the cowboys and indians by shooting them, you lose a life when you get shot or a villager dies so be careful, look out for any moving targets in the background too. It has a campaign mode for long play, a casual mode for a quick survival game, it even has a shop where you can buy weapons and extra life among other things. Check out my gameplay video on my Galaxy tab then head over to the android market and download the FREE version, then, when you see how good it is, show your support for the dev and buy the full version for £0.66

Handygames Cyberlords - Arcology On Android Market Now!!!

Cyberlords, the latest offering from Handygames is an RPG with realtime fighting combat with up to 4 team members (AI). More than 20 different weapons and the ability to upgrade your team in different skills should keep you busy, also hunt the many achievements that are to be found. Looking and feeling very polished, you should download straight away, try the ad version first as it is FREE, then when you see how good it is you can get the ad-free version for £2.57. Free Version

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

New Google Instant View Now On Mobile Browser!!!!

Check out this short video showing the new google instant view on the galaxy tab, a little slow at the moment but fully working, for those of you that don't know, it gives you an instant picture of all web pages on google search, handy!

Cordy Now Available On Android Market!!!!

Download Cordy right now!!!, it's a very slick puzzler, super sharp graphics with a 3d twist and really smooth performance gameplay wise, as  you can see from my gameplay video, you have to collect power for your planet, once you have collected enough a new door opens to new puzzles, a promise of many updates to from the dev, already a classic in my opinion, see for yourself.

PewPew Gameplay Video And Mini Review For Android.

I have done a short video showing PewPew on a Samsung Galaxy S, this game is a take on the classic "geometry wars" it runs super smooth, you have a choice of four different game modes and it's FREE!!!!!
The four game modes are:
 Megagore: destroy everything and avoid all the bombs and enemies.
Dodge This: you have to collect as many boxes as possible and dodge all enemies as you don't have a weapon.
Assault: this is it, fight to the death, trust me, you will die!!!!!
Chromatic Conflict: shoot enemies the same colour as your ship, enemies spawn different colours and you have to change your ship colour at one of your bases to suit.

PewPewThe game is pick up and play genius, trust me, you will be addicted.
5/5 Tested on galaxy s

Monday, 7 March 2011

Micronytes HD On Android Market Now (Video)

Watch this video of Micronytes, a new android game which runs in hd (if you have suitable device) it is a pick up and play touchscreen game and as you can see from the video, it only has three commands you can issue, left, right or jump making a simple yet fun game to play. Take a look at gibs & gore , the devs website for more info about this game and others in the future. The demo version has 15 levels- Demo or you can get the Full version of 80 levels and unlockable endings via trophies for £1.72. Please support the devs by buying the full version if you like this game.
Demo was on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4/5.

GDC 2011 Blackstar Takes Shape.

Blackstar, the new game from Spacetime studios (Pocket Legends) should be out this summer, expected to run on most android handsets it will be free to download too. Blackstar will play similar to pocket legends but with a space theme, it is still a cross platform mmorpg for android, ios and pc requiring you to purchase extra content if you want to get the most out of the game, although there are no video's at the moment, take a look at these pictures to wet your appetite-

Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Video's Showing N64OID Running On Fixed Framerate

Posted a couple of new video's to show the framerate issues have been fixed on n64oid, i have mario 64 now running at the right framerate and also Banjo & Kazooie. these two games can now be played without any issues, please comment with any other games which are working 100%.
Running on Samsung Galaxy S
app now 4/5

Thursday, 3 March 2011

N64OID Play N64 Games On Android, On Market Now!!!

You can now download n64oid from android market, this emulator will run nearly all n64 roms, don't get me wrong, they are far from perfect but it has just been released and i have tried and tested some roms on my galaxy s and tab, the games that run well have a few minor sound issues but hey, your playing n64 roms on your android device!!! the games that take a long time to load, probably worth just closing them, i had to restart twice due to rom errors, check it out, see what you think, dev promises updates, i don't think it would take to much effort to get this emulator working 100%
Disclaimer: I have only downloaded roms which i have legal cartridges of, please do not download any roms that you don't own as this breaks copyright laws.

Video's on the way.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Megavideo On Android Market And Free!!!!

I would be suprised if you haven't heard of Megavideo before, the best streaming video player online is now available on your android handset, it's also free, just make sure you have one of the free FLV players as you need to use it for playback. It's very simple to use, just enter the megavideo url or id of your choice and it will be streamed straight to your device. You will need premium options for full movie playback but when you see the quality i think you'll agree it is worth it.
Tested Galaxy S
Megavideo Player Available for Android

Can Knockdown 2 Now Available In The Android Market!!!!!

You can now download can knockdown 2 from the android market, runs much smoother on my galaxy s than no 1 did. you get three modes of play, original can knockdown,  target practice and timed mode, i will upload gameplay video shortly.
Can Knockdown 2