Thursday, 10 March 2011

Wild West Sheriff For Android, Simple Games Are Fun!!!

I downloaded  a very basic looking game today on the Android market, didn't think it would be any good, how wrong was i!!!, so much fun!!!!, all you have to do is use your accelerometer to move a target around the screen and protect the innocent villagers from the cowboys and indians by shooting them, you lose a life when you get shot or a villager dies so be careful, look out for any moving targets in the background too. It has a campaign mode for long play, a casual mode for a quick survival game, it even has a shop where you can buy weapons and extra life among other things. Check out my gameplay video on my Galaxy tab then head over to the android market and download the FREE version, then, when you see how good it is, show your support for the dev and buy the full version for £0.66

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